(CR127) Ten Years Inna Coma (2010​-​2020)

I truly don't know how many times I have promoted this. But this can never be promoted enough.

I had the opportunity to speak with Coma Recordz headowner Ras Edward aka Soul Scientist already in 2010. He asked me to do a Nodcast for his mixes series on the label. I recorded a mix in my name on Facebook, Sebby Soundclash. And as almost everyone else know as the times go you get tired of social media so I was gone in several years.

In 2020 I self released my EP "Ruthless" and announced it on my Instagram. Already in a few moments I got a message from Ras. He said he enjoyed my EP and would like to publish it on his label. I said sure! However, he didn't really knew who Disrrr was but he told me to add him as a friend on Facebook. Then I had to tell him that we already were friends and that I was Sebby Soundclash.

Anyways we had contact for a while and planned to do a collab: sOuLsCientiSt vs. Disrrr.
Terribly sad that I'm not entirely sure it will ever happen. But I like to think about we meeting in the End/New to make that a reality.

Thank You King for your support and for believing in me from the beginning!

For anyone interested to support Ras Edwards work can pre-order the digital release through ENDE Records bandcamp page. You can also pre-order the Vinyl version, available in 250 copies, 33rpm Gatefold Double Vinyl 12" Compilation.

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